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April Showers Bring May Flowers (and Slightly Strange Health Oddities)

Updated: 4 days ago

colorful tulips in rainy field
April showers bring May flowers like tulips

Here in Wisconsin, we all know the drill: April showers and all that. Well, this year, let's shower ourselves with a little knowledge instead (because honestly, who can predict the weather anymore?). Besides the blooming flowers and potential for springtime tornadoes, April also brings some...interesting health occurrences.

We're not talking about the usual allergy flare-ups (although, bless you if you suffer through those!). We're diving into some of the weirder, funnier health oddities that seem to pop up more often this time of year.

1. Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleaning...Everywhere and Ouch?

woman in blue cleaning outside of window
Stretch your body before Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning seems to ignite a primal urge to purge everything, not just your home. You might find yourself inexplicably organizing your spice rack by color, alphabetizing your sock drawer, or attempting to sort the buttons on your remote-control collection (because apparently, you collect those now?).

This sudden need for order could be a sign of good ol' fashioned spring fever, or it could be your body's way of mirroring the changing seasons. Either way, embrace the urge! Just avoid overdoing it and injuring yourself in the process. A day or two of being achy after a thorough house or outdoor cleaning can be expected and can easily be eased by over-the-counter medication and balms (available at your local pharmacy, along with the best advice). But if the pain impedes your daily living - that may be a sign that your do-good efforts caused a more serious injury. Be sure to check with your healthcare professional so you can get back to being healthy as quickly as possible.

2. The Great Lawnmower Wheeze

weed whip of green grass
Lawn Care can create wheezing

Ah, the sounds of spring! Birds chirping, children playing...and the symphony of wheezing lawnmowers. It seems that after a long winter nap, our trusty lawn equipment decides to wheeze and sputter like a grandpa trying to jog.

Fear not, fellow lawnmower orchestra conductors! A good tune-up and some fresh oil can usually get your mower back in fighting shape. If the wheezing persists and you find yourself needing an inhaler more than usual, well, that might be a sign to lay down the mower and enjoy the fresh air another way. Better yet, in honor of Earth Day, you can always let mother nature flourish - check out and share why with your littles in Dandelions Discovery.

3. The Return of the Allergy-Induced Polka

women sneezing sitting by dog on couch
Also watch out for indoor allergens like mold

Spring brings blooming flowers, and with them, a symphony of sneezes for our allergy-prone friends. But sometimes, allergies manifest in weirder ways. Have you ever gotten the sniffles so bad you did an impromptu polka? Or perhaps your allergies give you the sudden urge to paint your house neon green?

While these might sound like scenes from a particularly strange movie, they're actual symptoms some allergy sufferers experience. The good news is, with a trusty allergy med and maybe a therapist to discuss your newfound polka obsession, you can make it through allergy season.

4. Too many Rainy-Day Blues?

a little girl in yellow looking out a rainy window
Littles can get the rainy-day blues too

We all crave that warm sunshine after a long winter, and sometimes those rainy, cloudy days can be a bit too much. Don't worry, you're not alone!

Keep taking your vitamin D and try to find the silver lining in those blustery clouds. Remember all the great things that the rain brings like tiny green shoots, making the snow mounds go away faster and washing the general winter griminess away.

Try spotting the buds on your favorite trees and bushes. Or better yet, put on bright colors, a sexy raincoat, and bright wellies as you spread your sunshine to others with your attire during daily errands. Too blustery to head outdoors? Turn on all the lights in your house, ramp up the heat a little and add some beach tunes (reggae anyone?) to trick yourself into thinking you're on vacation. Turning these small things around will help you be more resilient when tougher times appear. For your littles with the blues - check out how Dale the Quail handles rainy days.

Remember, if any of these oddities become a serious health concern, be sure to consult your friendly neighborhood pharmacist or healthcare professional.  

Bonus Tip: April is also National Stress Awareness Month! So, take some time for yourself this month. Read a book, take a walk, or indulge in your favorite hobby. Reducing stress is good for your overall health and wellbeing, and let's face it, a stress-free you is a much more fun you!

Remember: We at Wolf River Pharmacy are always here to help you stay healthy throughout the year, April showers or not. So come on down, visit your friendly neighborhood pharmacists, and let's make sure this spring season is full of laughter, not sadness, allergies, and spring-cleaning regrets.

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