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Sunshine & Sniffles: Conquering May at Wolf River Pharmacy

A forest floor of Trillium flowers
Trillium are a sure sign of Spring in the Northwoods

Hold onto your hats, folks, not because it's Kentucky Derby month, but because May is here and things are blooming faster than your grandma's gossip after a bingo night! The trilliums are popping like confetti at a fairy rave, but with all those pretty flowers comes a not-so-pretty side effect: allergy season! Don't worry, allergy sufferers, we won't leave you feeling like a weeping willow. We've got a stockpile of tissues (on sale, of course!) and enough allergy meds to knock out those sniffles faster than you can say "hay fever."

a women with her arms up to the sun
Vitamin D is crucial to good health

Speaking of sunshine, May is the perfect time to soak up some rays and boost your Vitamin D levels. But just like a delicious cinnamon roll, too much sun can be a bad thing! Don't let your skin turn into a lobster – grab our top-notch sunscreen (also on sale!) and keep those rays in check. ☀️️ If you need an extra Vitamin D kick, we've got supplements on sale too, so you can feel energized and ready to conquer the day (or at least conquer the urge to nap after lunch).

a travel first aid kit with scissors and bandage wrap
Be sure to refill your First Aid Travel Kit

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and we know you're itching to escape the house like a dog finally let out after a long day. ️ Before you head off on your adventure, don't forget to pack a travel first-aid kit – we've got them on sale to make sure you're prepared for anything, from stubbed toes to a rogue frisbee incident.

Memorial Day BBQ - it isn't complete without a delicious picnic and we've got a fantastic recipe up our sleeves – a healthy salad bursting with nutrients. Just simply cut up bananas, strawberries, kiwi, then add clementine mandarins (cuties) and blueberries to make it an easy to eat Rainbow Fruit Salad. No dressing needed. Perfect for that last-minute make and take family get together. Don't worry - there will be no leftovers, I promise. Your taste buds will thank you, and your swimsuit will thank you later. Check out our Memorial Day recipes blog for more picnic-worthy inspiration!

a bowl of bananas, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and orange slices
It's easy to "Eat the Rainbow" with this Rainbow Fruit Salad

Now, with all this talk of sunshine, let's not forget the importance of movement! May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and guess what? Exercise is amazing for your mind and body! Sitting all day is like being a human sloth, so make sure you're getting up, stretching, and getting that blood flowing throughout the day. Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to health concerns today. So, make sure to "move it, move it" if your job has you chained to a chair. Check out our blog post about Deskercise for some tips. If you're taking that movement outdoors, don't forget the bug spray, it's also tick season!

What's up next? We've got some exciting things brewing at Wolf River Pharmacy, folks! Keep an eye out on our website and social media for special deals and events, including some new Point-of-Care Testing (did we mention it's tick/ Lyme season) that will have you getting answers faster than a squirrel finding a hidden nut stash.

a nurse taking a patients blood pressure
Kayla Smith, RN will be helping us expand our Clinical Services

That's all for now, wellness warriors! Stay healthy, stay happy, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. We're here to help you conquer May and all its quirks (allergies, sunshine, and maybe even a rogue tick or two). Here's to a fantastic May!

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